Learning Activities

Deep Tree.Flo tree.Build a tree.Flo gene.

Life on Earth includes four multi-touch activities designed to advance people’s understanding of biodiversity and the history of life on Earth. All the activities run on multi-touch devices with Windows 7/8 operating system. We have plans for web-based development for these activities during the 2013 – 2014 time frame.

  • DeepTree is an interactive deep-zoom visualization based on data from the Tree of Life Web Project, the Encyclopedia of Life, the National Center for Biotechnology Information and the TimeTree knowledge base.
  • FloTree is a dynamic visual simulation that links population-level processes to speciation and biodiversity. Players can work together to influence the outcome of the simulation.
  • Build-A-Tree (BAT) is a multi-level puzzle for learning evolutionary relationships among species on Earth.
  • FloGene is a dynamic visual simulation of population genetics designed for introductory college biology students. This activity is under development and is being tested in biology classes at the School of Biological Sciences at University of Nebraska, Lincoln.