The multi-touch interactive DeepTree + FloTree visualization is now available for distribution through Lucid Interactives.

DeepTree Highlights

  • Interact with a multi-touch visualization of the Tree of Life database.
  • Browse over 70,000 species connected by 20.000+ branching points.
  • Seamless fly-through to experience evolutionary history and biodiversity.
  • Experience over 11,000 high-resolution images and common names of species.
  • Learn from 25 Trait Panels illustrating significant  traits with text and imagery.
  • Access to descriptions of over 200 “Landmark Species”.
  • Explore the evolutionary relationship, shared traits and time of divergence between any of the 200 Landmark Species with a built-in  ”Relate” function.
  • Play with a dynamic simulation of population genetics in the FloTree component within the DeepTree .

For more information, please see the dedicated pages for DeepTree and FloTree.

News & Press
  • Best of CHI 2015 Best Paper Award: Proposed a novel Group Identification Algorithm in a dynamic visitor flow and engagement metrics for statistical analysis in interactive informal learning environments. Demonstrated effects of two typical study methodologies (pdf).
  • Coming soon! We are working on a digital Evolution Lab with the WGBH/NOVA Labs team.
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